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Vegas Solitaire is a branded casino game operated by, a game development company in the UK.

The game will be launched in early 2023 and equipped with an AA-level design with characters and animations to give the game a Vegas-style look and feel, adding to the game’s popularity.

Vegas Solitaire is a must-have in ANY online casino, regardless of the country you operate.

Where Slot Machines might make a lot more money, especially in the short term, Vegas Solitaire is a game that is there for the long run and will keep getting players because it’s timeless. People always intend to try it, even if it’s only for a single shot, simply because everyone is familiar with the game.

The basic version of Casino Solitaire, launched in 2020 by, is among their top 5 best-performing games.

Seven reasons why every casino should have Vegas Solitaire

  1. Easy integrations through all the major platforms
  2. It’s an AA game enriched with high-quality illustrations and designs
  3. Everyone knows the game, the rules, and how to play it
  4. It’s among the most played games on the internet (over 20 million monthly searches)
  5. It’s a timeless game and has proven to be popular for over 200 years
  6. Ideal match to use for tournaments or other engagement type of events
  7. Available in most regulated countries with official casino licenses

About the Game

  • Category: Table Game
  • Planned Release Date: January 2023
  • RTP: 96.8%
  • Volatility: Low
  • Win Rate per game: Max 5 times the original bet
  • Integration: Directly with or through a platform like Relax Gaming.
  • Multi-Language: The game will be available in 22 languages

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