About Us

When I used to play Microsoft Solitaire with the world-famous Vegas Score, I always wondered if Solitaire would have ever played this game in the casinos of Las Vegas. It made me wonder which rules were used and how this worked in practice? Back then, Vegas Solitaire would have been played with real cards and dealers because there were no computers, let alone the Internet.

Many years later, when the Internet became a reality, I was surprised to find that Solitaire, and Klondike, in particular, is still hugely popular. It is still played daily by tens of millions of people worldwide.

Since I was still curious if Solitaire was ever a real casino game (in Vegas), I decided to research. On the page Solitaire Bibliography, you can see the results of my deep dive into the history of Solitaire…and how it came to be called “Vegas Solitaire.” After all the time invested, I decided to share my findings with my visitors. As a gambler, I hope you will be intrigued by what I found and wrote about the History of Solitaire from a gambling perspective. The Solitaire Bibliography shows the long and winding road to Vegas Score’s and Vegas Solitaire’s past.