Who was Richard Canfield, the Prince of Gamblers?

Photo of Richard Canfield

Richard A. Canfield (1855 -1914) was an American gambling magnate, art collector, and stockbroker who ran a gambling empire in New York in the late 1800s and early 1900s. He became America’s most famous gambler, for many reasons, not the least of which was his casino resort in Saratoga Springs, New York. Determined to mimic … Read more

What Solitaire was played at Canfield’s Casino or did he have nothing to do with it??

Richard Canfield picture

Richard Canfield, the “Prince of Gamblers,” was a famous gambler (gambling house proprietor) who ran several successful casinos in New York City and Saratoga Springs. These days, most people have only heard the stories about Canfield as the inventor of Canfield Solitaire. In my research of the history of Solitaire from a gambling perspective, I … Read more

Was Solitaire ever played in Las Vegas casinos?

Ceasars Palace commercial about Vegas Solitaire

Whether people played Solitaire in Las Vegas Casinos is one of the most frequently asked questions about Vegas Solitaire. This article will try to answer that question based on facts and “first-hand” references. Gambling was Everywhere “Every town had a game going on somewhere…casinos were as common as the corner store in most communities.” – … Read more

Some Casinos offer a Solitaire version that uses Vegas Rules – 2011

Some casinos offer a Solitaire version that uses Vegas Rules

Some Casinos offer a Solitaire version that uses Vegas Rules by Mark Pilarski, Detroit Free Press, 27 January 2011 Questions and Answers A newspaper article that appeared in the Detroit Free Press on 27 January 2011. Mark Pilarski is answering a question from a reader: Question:“Microsoft Solitaire game has an optional setting called “Vegas rules” … Read more

Videogames aren’t in the Cards by Dick Reynolds – 1982

1982 videogames aren't in the cards newspaper article

Videogames aren’t in the cards, Dick Reynolds, 1982Dick Reynolds on Solitaire in an article in the Palladium-Item published in Richmond, Indiana. Dick Reynolds played 100 games of Klondike Solitaire and is sharing the results with his readers. He plays Klondike and claims it’s played in Las Vegas. “Klondike” Solitaire relieves video game frustrations… The card … Read more

The Creative Cheater’s Guide to Solitaire – 1979

1979 The Creative Cheater’s Guide to Solitaire

The Creative Cheater’s Guide to Solitaire (Wherein Virtue is Not Its Own Reward) by Bernie De Koven, Games Magazine #14, Playboy Enterprises, November 1979 Complete game description of Las Vegas Solitaire with illustrations. Also, Bernie points out the difference between Klondike and Las Vegas Solitaire. “Now my self says to me, Look here buddy. This … Read more