Vegas Solitaire Free

Want to try your luck with Vegas Solitaire free? This famous Gambling Solitaire is a lot of fun, even when you play it for imaginary money! Here, you can play our Vegas Solitaire free demo version without advertisements or limitations. Vegas Solitaire free is a demo version of the famous Vegas Solitaire game which you can play for real money at online casinos. The odds, or RTP, are exactly the same. So, if you won using the free version, it means you would have won real money had you wagered. Obviously, if you lose then you will not have lost money.

Vegas Solitaire Girl Yellow Dress Play for Free

Vegas Solitaire Free Demo Game

The Free demo version is the same as the game played in an online casino. Both versions play with the exact same rules and random number generator (RNG.) In the free version, you play for “fake money” that has no financial value. You cannot win real money but it’s also impossible to lose money.

How to play Vegas Solitaire Free

To play Solitaire Vegas Free, you must first understand the basic rules of the game. The object of Vegas Solitaire is to remove all cards from the table by making piles that add up from Ace to King. There are four piles, one for each card symbol (spades, hearts, clovers, diamonds.)

Free Download of Vegas Solitaire

The free Download of Vegas Solitaire is not currently available. When it is, it will offer you the possibility to play Vegas Solitaire for real money on your favorite device. At the moment the app is not available yet to play free Vegas-style on your tablet or telephone. Eventually, with this app, you can play Vegas Solitaire for free on all IOS and Android devices. For more information about downloading the Vegas Solitaire app, or for news on when the app will be launched, please visit our page about Las Vegas Solitaire download.

Vegas Solitaire Free Game Rules

Vegas Solitaire Free has exactly the same rules used when playing Las Vegas Solitaire for real money. The main difference between playing for money and playing Vegas Solitaire free is that the money version rules are:

  • Only one card may be turned from the deck at a time
  • You go through the deck just one time

Vegas Solitaire Free is dealt and played as follows after the ‘bet’ has been placed.

Place your Fictional Bet

Even though you play for free you will have to choose a fictitious bet to start the game. The home screen contains a button with two numbers on it. The top one shows your total bet. Choose your stake and press the start button to start the game.

Vegas Solitaire real money

Deal the Cards

Before we start the game the cards are dealt in the famous Solitaire Setup:

  • You play Vegas Solitaire free with 52 playing cards
  • The cards are shuffled randomly before dealing
  • The cards are dealt into seven columns from left to right, with an increasing number of cards in each column: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
  • The last card of each column is placed face-up on the Tableau.
  • 28 cards have been dealt, and 24 remain to be dealt
  • Of the remaining cards, 23 are in the ‘stockpile.’ The pile will continue to display the number of cards left for you to play.
  • The top one from the Stockpile is placed face-up on the waste pile to the right of the pile.
  • The Foundation (end piles) found at the top right is still empty after the initial deal.
Vegas Solitaire at start game


This are the rules regarding moving the cards and building rows when playing Vegas Solitaire Mode:

  • To build the piles on the Foundation, you start with the Ace, placing cards of the same symbol or Suit in ascending order.
  • Turn over a card from the Stockpile to see if you can move the revealed card to a column on the Tableau or to the Foundation.
  • Cards are dealt and land in the Waste Pile, where you continue to play the exposed card, if possible.
  • Play involves the placement of cards upon the Tableau’s rows in descending order and alternating colors (red, black, red, etc.)
  • You can move one card or multiple cards from a single row between columns of the Tableau.
  • To move a card, you select and drag it. Please select the highest card you want to move, be it all or part of the column.
  • If you double-click on a map, it will automatically take the optimal available space.
    You can see how many cards are left in the deck by the number on the top card.
  • At Vegas Solitaire, you can go through the Stockpile once!

Cumulative Scoring

Whenever you play Solitaire Vegas Style for imaginary money, your score will be saved automatically according to the Vegas Solitaire cumulative scoring. You don’t have to create an account to play Vegas Solitaire free! Plus, you can see your scores over multiple games. The random generator and RTP of the free games are the same as the Vegas Solitaire odds of the real money game.