Welcome to Fabulous Vegas Solitaire!

Welcome to Fabulous Vegas Solitaire

Welcome to the official website of Vegas Solitaire! This brand new game is available for free and real money play, following the official rules of Las Vegas Solitaire. Try your hand at the game for free with cumulative scoring and see if you can beat the casino. Discover everything you need to know about the game rules, best strategy, odds of winning, and the fascinating history behind it. At Vegas Solitaire we provide you with all the information about the game and offer a demo to try the game for free. And if you’re feeling adventurous, take on the challenge of playing Vegas Solitaire online for real money at most of the top-rated casinos worldwide.

What is Vegas Solitaire?

Las Vegas Solitaire is the official name of the gambler’s version of Klondike Solitaire when you pay $52 for a deck, and the casino pays you back $5 for every card you play to the Foundation. When you play the game for free, it’s called “Klondike,” “Solitaire Vegas Mode,” or “Solitaire Vegas Scoring.” Only when you play for real money is it called “Las Vegas Solitaire.”

However, back in the day, and according to many authorities on card game rules, Klondike was called “The Canfield” when played for money. So where does Vegas Solitaire enter the picture? Was it really played in Las Vegas casinos? How is it played today?

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The Official Rules of Vegas Solitaire

Do you know what a “solitaire” actually is? Are you familiar with the general rules of the game and how it is set up? In this article, “Solitaire Rules” you find answers to all your questions. The basics of the Solitaire setup are also detailed here.

If you have never played Vegas Solitaire, the official game rules of Vegas Solitaire can be found in this article.

If you know how to play the game and want tips on becoming a skilled player, read the extensive Solitaire strategy guide on how to win more often.

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Solitaire Research

History of Solitaire from a gambling perspective

For more than one hundred years, the history of Solitaire, especially as it pertains to Vegas Solitaire, has been subjected to the whims of journalists and publishers. Even today, Solitaire’s past remains a bottleneck of contradictions, myths, and misnomers.

In the article about Solitaire History from a gambler’s perspective, you can read about the most critical questions that should be answered to understand the position of Solitaire with cards as a gambling/casino game.

You can find all the research books, newspaper articles, and other sources about Solitaire and gambling in the most comprehensive Solitaire Bibliography to be found on the internet, on a chronological timeline. Book images, summaries, and links to information from the early 1900s are at your fingertips.