Vegas Solitaire Side Bets

This page will explain the side bets used in Vegas Solitaire, how they work when you can place them, and the possible payouts. Vegas Solitaire is the first Solitaire where you can place multiple bets on a single game. It makes gambling on Solitaire even more exciting, with more opportunities to win.

What are Side Bets?

A side bet is a well-known term on the casino floor. You can place an extra bet next to your initial bet. The side bet applies to a specific event related to the gameplay but does not affect the outcome of the original bet.

In other words, your side bet is separate from your initial bet. You can lose in the game but win your side bet, or vice versa.

A side bet is mainly known for blackjack, but other casino games such as Baccarat, Pai-Gow, and Craps also have side bets.

Another name for a side bet is ‘proposition bet.’ Side bets are prevalent since they are more volatile, meaning a quick change can happen in your favor. The chance to win is smaller, but if you win, you win big!

Placing your Vegas Solitaire Side Bets

The side bets added in Solitaire (Vegas) are optional. To participate, you must place the other Side bet before the beginning of the game on the opening screen because you are betting on the outcome of the initial draw.

Vegas Solitaire Rules Explainer Place Bet

There are two side bets available:

Side Bet “No Moves”

When you start a new game of Solitaire Vegas Mode, you have the option to play the face-up cards of the Tableau or the first card you turn over from the stock or deck.
In some deals, however, the cards are dealt in a way that no single move is possible; you can’t even play a card from the Waste Pile because there is none. This is when you will win the “No Moves” side bet, provided that you placed the bet upfront before you pressed the start button to begin the game.

  • The payout is 15 times your side bet
  • A maximum of $3 / per side bet
  • Other possible stakes are $1 and $2

Side Bet “Red Or Black”

The Red or Black Side Bet is focused on how the cards are dealt at the Tableau. More specifically, this refers to the seven face-up cards on the Tableau at the very beginning of a game.
When you choose to play this Side bet and provided that you placed the bet upfront, you win if all the cards dealt are either all red or all black.

  • The payout is 200 times your side bet
  • You can bet up to a maximum side bet of $1
  • Other possible stakes are $.25 and $.50

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