Vegas Solitaire Odds

It was one of the biggest embarrassments of applied mathematics for a long time that the odds of winning with Klondike Solitaire could not be determined. However, given advancements in computing and A.I. developments, much more is known about the Vegas Solitaire odds. On this page, we discuss the different resources and outcomes of the odds of winning with Vegas Solitaire.

Vegas Solitaire RTP

Return to player or payout percentages means that of all the money wagered overtime on Vegas Solitaire, it will pay out 96.8% to players again.

  • The average return to player (RTP), the payout percentage of Las Vegas Solitaire, is approximately 96.8%.

Vegas Solitaire Categorized

The difference between Vegas Solitaire and other types of casino games such as roulette, blackjack, or slots is that a game of Solitaire can be categorized as a game of skill. It also comes with an element of chance and incomplete information due to the face-down cards on the Tableau.

  • Skill – A player needs a certain skill level to prevent making mistakes, playing with the right strategy to increase the chance of winning.
  • Incomplete Information – Solitaire is a game of incomplete information since, at the beginning of the game, 45 cards are dealt face-down,
  • Element of Chance – The fact that the cards are dealt randomly means that the Solitaire game has an element of chance

Odds of winning standard Solitaire (Klondike)

The odds of winning with Solitaire Klondike depend on what version of Classic Klondike Solitaire you play. There are many variations in rules which all have their influence on the outcome and odds. The following rules/factors have a significant impact on the odds of winning Solitaire:

  • How many times you are allowed to go through the deck
  • How many cards you are allowed to turn over at a time from the pile (draw one or draw 3)
  • The game strategy (to finish all cards or to play a minimum of 11 cards to the Foundation)
  • If rules allow, “Worry Back,” where you can play cards back from the Foundation to the Tableau
  • The Vegas Solitaire bet ratio.

Increase your odds to win: Vegas Solitaire Strategy

As mentioned before, to win with Solitaire, the player needs a certain skill level. The player needs to fully understand the game of Vegas Solitaire and implement an advanced strategy in play. It may sound not very easy, but fortunately, it is not. When you are a beginner, read the solitaire game rules and learn about the best strategies to increase your odds of winning Solitaire. Solitaire is a simple game to learn and relatively easy to become a master.

Vegas Solitaire Odds and Payout Percentage

Computers are used to calculate the odds of winning with Vegas Solitaire nowadays. The computers are instructed to play according to a predetermined strategy. After that, they let the computer program simulate millions of games to determine the RTP or payout percentage.

When Vegas Solitaire is played according to the official Solitaire Vegas rules, and the Optimal Strategy found on Vegas Solitaire Strategy page, the chance of winning a complete game is approximately 1 out of 20.


Is Vegas Solitaire a Game of Chance?

Solitaire is initially not a gambler’s game. It’s a game of skill with incomplete information and an element of chance. Therefore, it’s a game suitable for gambling but not a traditional game of chance like roulette.

What do odds mean, and what does payout percentage mean?

Odds are the bet ratio of the initial bet and the possible payout based on the expected probability.
They provide a standard to measure the likelihood of an outcome of an event or game. It’s often measured in a percentage or fractional.
The payout percentage, or RTP, stands for the average percentage of payout of every dollar wagered on a game for a large number of games.

Is every deal of (Vegas) Solitaire winnable?

Not all games of Vegas Solitaire are winnable. The exact unsolvable games of Solitaire are unknown.

What percentage of (Vegas) solitaire games are winnable?

It is believed between 85% to 91.4% have winning solutions. The remaining 8.6% are unsolvable.

According to Bill’s Solitaire tester, on average, you will win 4.6% of the Draw 1 games (1 in every 22 games) and 8.7% when playing the Draw 3 version (1 in every 11.5 games.) But this depends on what version of Vegas Solitaire and what strategy you play.