Vegas Solitaire For Real Money

Want to play Vegas Solitaire for real money? You can play this fun and exciting casino game in online casinos worldwide. And if you don’t know how it works, you can learn how to play it, too! In this article, we will explain how the game works, how to bet, what the payouts are, take a look at the game’s rules, the card setup, and much more. So, if you’re ready to try your luck at Vegas Solitaire for real money, read on!

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How you play Vegas Solitaire for real money?

To play Vegas Solitaire for real money you will have to create an account at any online casino where they offer the game. The game itself is licensed in the United Kingdom and legally available in most regulated countries in Europe. The game is not available for real money in the Usa. Us Players however can always play Vegas Solitaire Free with cumulative scoring to experience a little bit the excitement of real play.

Tips And Warnings before you start playing Solitaire for Real Money!

When you are considering playing Solitaire for real money, the following rules are critical:

  • Only play Solitaire for real money when it is legal in your country
  • You need to have the legal age of 21 to be able to participate in gambling
  • Don’t play when you are tired.
  • Don’t play under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medicine.
  • Don’t play to win. Play to have fun, and choose your stakes accordingly.
  • Vegas Solitaire is a game of patience. There is no clock, so take all the time you need to finish your game.

Vegas Solitaire for real Money Casinos

Underneath you’ll find a list with online casinos where you can play Vegas Solitaire for real money. We try to keep the list as updated as possible. If you miss a casino where you can play the game for real money don’t hesitate to inform us!

Name CasinoLicense
AllBritishCasino.comUnited Kingdom
BetFirst.comUnited Kingdom
BetOrder.comCuraçao Kingdom
Betconstruct.comUnited Kingdom
CasinoCasino.comUnited Kingdom
LVBet.comUnited Kingdom

Vegas Solitaire for Real Money Game Rules

Vegas Solitaire for real money is played with a standard 52-card deck without jokers. The object of Vegas Solitaire is to move all the cards on the ‘Tableau’ to the end piles called the ‘Foundation.’ In addition, you have a Stockpile with cards that you place face-up on the ‘Waste Pile’ one by one. The exciting thing about Vegas Solitaire for real money is that every card played away pays off. If you play away all the cards, you win no less than 5 x your bet.

Select your stake

To play Vegas Solitaire for money, select the game from an online casino’s game library. Once Vegas Solitaire is loaded, the home screen is displayed, and each new round starts here. The eight buttons with two different amounts are visible. At the top is the total bet, and below that is the payout amount per card ending on the Foundation. Select here which stake you like to play. Only after you press ‘Start’ your choice will be definitively determined.

Dealing the cards

After Vegas Solitaire has started for real money, the 52 playing cards are randomly shuffled and dealt. In total, the Tableau consists of seven columns. There is always one more card on the next row, and each column’s last card is face up. At the far left is an open card, and at the far right, six cards, each with one available card face up. So there are now 28 cards on the Tableau, seven of which are face up.

This leaves 24 unused playing cards. A pile of these cards is formed at the top left of the playing field, the Stockpile. An exact number is visible on the cards pile, representing the number of cards still in the Stockpile. At the start, there is the number 23. Card number 24 is beside the pile, face-up on the Waste Pile. This card takes part in the game and is like card number eight.

Vegas Real Money Solitaire Gameplay

When the game is dealt, it is ready for the player’s first move. The goal of Vegas Solitaire for real money is to clear all the cards to the Foundation. There are specific rules for moving the cards. These Vegas-style Solitaire rules tell you which cards you can move and where. Below are the basic rules that apply when playing Vegas Solitaire for real money.

  • It is always allowed to move cards to the Foundation. There are four squares, one for each card symbol or suit (spades, hearts, clubs, diamonds.) Each pile always starts with the Ace followed by a two, ascending in order, ending with the King. (A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, B, V, K)
  • You can move cards on the playing field between columns as long as they are in consecutive descending order and follow an alternating color pattern of red and black.
  • To move a card, tap or click to select and drag. Select the highest card you want to move. Note that you can move all or part of the column.
  • When you double-click on a card, it automatically makes an optimal move where one is available.
  • Reveal a card from the Stockpile to see if you can move that card to the Tableau or the Foundation. The number on the deck represents the number of cards remaining.
  • You can only go through the Stockpile once!

For a more in-depth explanation, visit our dedicated page on the rules of Vegas Solitaire

Specific Functionalities Online Gameplay

When you play Vegas Solitaire for real money online there are some additional options that you can use in the game.

Vegas Solitaire at start game


You can reverse a wrong move with the ‘Undo’ button. When the last move has revealed a card from a column, ‘Undo’ is not allowed.


The game is played automatically according to the best available strategy using the’ Autoplay’ button. The autoplay feature tries to get through the game as far as possible. However, you may not complete the game.

End Game

With the ‘End Game’ button, you immediately lose the game and return to the home screen. When playing Vegas Solitaire for real money, it is recommended not to use this button and instead opt for the Autoplay feature.


The ‘Hint’ button will tell you which move is available next. The playing card that you can move according to the optimal strategy gives a warning. You can select this card and drag or double-click it.

Vegas Solitaire Real Money Payouts

Now that the rules of Vegas Solitaire are clear, do you want to know how much money you can win? If you play all cards to the Foundation, you win no less than 5x your bet. When determining the stake, it immediately becomes clear how much you win upon placing a card to the Foundation. It is also visible on the game screen at the ‘win’ amount at the bottom right. It is also possible to play cards from the Foundation back to the Tableau. When you do that, the winnings will be deducted again. The win is final when the game is over.

Payout table

The Las Vegas Solitaire payout- win-table, including the stake, win ratio, win per card, and the max win, is below:

Vegas Solitaire Payout Table

Vegas Solitaire Real Money Play RTP

Every real money game in the (online) casino has a calculated Return to Player (RTP) number. Without explaining the whole calculation, the bottom line is that the number represents the Vegas Solitaire odds. For every 100 wagered, the return to the player at Vegas Solitaire for real money is 96.80. Because Vegas Solitaire has a skill factor in addition to luck, the RTP is based on AutoPlay. This feature automatically plays according to the optimal Vegas Solitaire strategy.