Vegas Solitaire Draw Three

Vegas Solitaire Draw 3 is well-known thanks to Microsoft Windows Solitaire, where you can play Klondike, with Vegas Score, using either the Draw One or the Draw Three option. Many people are wondering why it’s only the 1 card version you can play for real money in online casinos. Here we will explain what Vegas Solitaire Draw 3 exactly is, how you play it, and why you can’t play it online for real money. Also, we look at the origin of the game as well as the differences in odds between the Vegas Solitaire 1 and 3-card-version.

What is Vegas Solitaire Draw 3?

Vegas Solitaire Draw Three is the version of Solitaire (Klondike) where three cards are turned over from the Stockpile to the Waste Pile at a time and where you can go through the deck 3 times. From the turned cards you are only able to play the face-up card on top of the Waste Pile. Other rules regarding the Vegas Solitaire Draw Three gameplay are exactly the same as standard Klondike Solitaire.

Difference between Drawing Three and Drawing One

Besides the fact that the Draw 3 version requires you to turn over 3 cards, and you are allowed to go three times through the deck, the strategy is different, so the payout will most likely differ from the Vegas Solitaire one-card draw version. When you play it for fun, for example when you play Microsoft Solitaire, the payout and betting lines will be the same. However, there will be no real casino that will offer you the game for real money with the standard payout structure.

The name Canfield or Canfield is sometimes used incorrectly for Klondike Solitaire, which is a three turn over card game as private play, and a one card turnover as a casino gambling game.

Carl Sifakis explained the origins of the difference between one card and three cards drawn in The Encyclopedia of gambling, publication date 1990

Standard Vegas Solitaire 3 for Real Money

Although many players prefer to play Vegas Solitaire Draw 3 instead of the Draw 1 version, there are no casinos that offer the 3 card variant for real money. Especially not with the standard $52 buy-in for a deck, and $5 per card to the Foundation payout. The reason is simply that the casino’s edge is very small; the game is too risky to offer. When a player would buy in for $52 he would win, on average, $51.39 back. (lose $0.61)

Odds of Winning Vegas Solitaire Draw Three

The odds of completing a game of Vegas Solitaire, whereby in the end all cards are played to the Foundation, is expected to be 8.7% or 1 in 11.5 games. These odds are only expected if you manage to play by the optimal strategy.


Why do casinos only offer Vegas Solitaire Draw One instead of Drawing 3?

From its origin, Vegas Solitaire has always been the one-card draw version due to the fact that the odds are more in favor of the casino. The odds of the 3 card version are almost 1:1 which makes it not profitable enough for the casino to offer it. The chance is too big that players would beat the casino, especially when granted casino bonuses.

What is the payout for Vegas Solitaire Draw Three?

When you play Solitaire 3 Vegas-style, the payout is equal to Vegas Solitaire Draw 3 with one big difference: the payout will be based on imaginary money. There is no (online) casino that offers Solitaire Draw Three for real money.