Vegas Solitaire Payout

Vegas Solitaire Payout is an overview of all stakes and associated payouts. A gambler’s Solitaire, such as Casino Solitaire, is one where the player buys a deck of cards and gets paid at the end of the game for each card played to the Foundation. Here you read everything you need to know about the Vegas Solitaire Payout, the possible betting options, stakes and the rules that apply.

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Below is an extensive explanation regarding the Payout Table of Vegas Solitaire including bets, stakes, and potential winnings.

Vegas Solitaire Betting

When you start a new game of Vegas Solitaire you have to place your bet first.
On the opening screen, you will find 8 different betting options with the bets increasing in height from left to right. Below the bet is the amount you get paid per card you play to the Foundation.

The stakes are derived from the original Vegas Score where you buy a deck from the dealer for $52 and then get paid $5 from the casino for every card placed on the Foundations at the end of the game. When you get rid of all the cards, you win 5 times your stake.

Vegas Solitaire Payout Percentage (RTP)

  • The payout percentage or Return to Player (RTP), of Vegas Solitaire, is 96.9%

RTP means that of all bets placed, by all players together, an average of 96.9% is paid out again as winnings. Because Solitaire is a game of skill, you have to play the optimal strategy for Vegas Solitaire in order to achieve this percentage.

Vegas Solitaire Payout Table

The Vegas Solitaire Payout Table is an overview of all possible bets and limits pertaining to playing for real money.

The Vegas Solitaire pay-table BetRatio mimics the Vegas score of Microsoft Windows Solitaire. The Payout is 5x which means that when you play all the cards to the Foundation, you will be paid 5 times your original bet.

There are different betting levels available with Vegas Solitaire. The amount of the bets can differ per online casino. However, the bet amount and the maximum payout are always based on a 5x bet ratio.

The full payout structure of Vegas Solitaire Mode is below. Here you will find the table with possible bets and corresponding payouts. As you can see, the stakes are all derived from the original $52 for a deck buy-in, and a $5 payout per card played to the foundation.

Vegas Solitaire Payout Table
Payout Structure of Vegas Solitaire, also eligible for Retro Solitaire and Casino Solitaire

Additional Rules regarding the Vegas Solitaire Payout

As you have deduced in the pay-table above, you need to play at least 11 cards to the Foundations to make a profit. The payout will only take place when the game has ended. This can happen when the player finishes the game, or when the player gives up the game.

During the game, an intermediate score is given. This score automatically increases each time you place a card on the Foundation. However, when you play a card from the Foundation back to the Tableau, a play called “Worry Back,” a “unit of profit per card” is deducted.

Before you finish a game, make sure you have placed all possible cards on the Foundations.

Rules regarding play that relate to the Payout

Vegas Solitaire is a variant that can be played for real money. Rules relevant to this type of play may differ from the Solitaire you are used to playing:

  • Vegas Solitaire is the 1 card version of Solitaire, where you always turn over 1 card from the pile and go through the stack of cards once.
  • You may use the Restore/Undo button once per turn, but only if the last action you took did not expose a new card on the Tableau.
  • When you play for money and the game is interrupted for technical reasons, such as a bad internet connection, the game is saved. The next time you reopen the game, you can resume the game from where it was interrupted. If an interrupted game is not completed within 24 hours, it will forfeit. All accumulated winnings associated with the interrupted game will be awarded.
  • The Operator reserves the right to withhold winnings and void bets if a Player fraudulently manipulates the games, or if the game system itself malfunctions. The definition of such malfunction extends to an error in the published odds/win tables, or a game that does not operate in accordance with the published rules.

Vegas Solitaire Side Bets Payout

It is also possible to place Side Bets on the game Vegas Solitaire. There are two side bets possible, namely:

  • No move possible – 15x your original bet if there are no possible moves with your first deal
  • Red or Black – Choose all red or black cards on the Tableau and win 200 times your stake (from the side bet)

More information: Vegas Solitaire Sidebets.

Alternative Solitaire Payout Structures from the past

Solitaire has been offered as a game of chance for over a century. This is reflected in Solitaire history from a betting perspective, where we looked at all the different Solitaires that were historically played for real money. This shows that the Vegas Solitaire payout structure that we still use today is more than a century old and thus was used long before Klondike Solitaire was played in Las Vegas, or online today.

A Number of Alternative Payout Structures used in Gambling Houses:

  • Solitaire payout where you had to bet $10, and you were paid $1 per card played to the Foundation. The RTP of this version would be slightly higher than the standard Vegas Solitaire payout and thus, is more in favor of the player.
  • A method where the game was offered in a series of five games. You had to pay 5 x $52, and you were paid an extra bonus when you managed to play away more than 52 cards in total.
  • Another Solitaire payout we’ve come across that really puts the player at a disadvantage is the variant where you have to play 10 cards before you get paid for any cards on the Foundation. As a result, the total payout is always 10 units less than the standard Vegas Solitaire payout.
  • Yet another payout structure that puts the player at a disadvantage is where you pay more for a deck while the payout structure remains the same. This results in a lower betting ratio, which means that the player has fewer chances of winning, especially in the long run.

Play Vegas Solitaire Demo Game for Free

If you first want to get familiar with Vegas Solitaire and get used to the bets and payouts, you can try the game for free here. The demo version is exactly the same as the game (regarding payouts and winnings) as if how you play it in an online casino for real money. The only big difference is that you can’t win or lose money with the Las Vegas Solitaire demo version.