Casino Solitaire

Do you like the classic card game Solitaire? Then you will love Casino Solitaire, an online casino game from G Games based on the popular card game. Casino Solitaire has the same rules as Vegas Solitaire. Here we explain how Casino Solitaire works and give you some tips on how to play the game.

Introducing Casino Solitaire

Solitaire is a card game hugely known worldwide, launched by in November 2020 as an exciting casino table game. The game is played with the traditional rules of Klondike Solitaire, including Vegas-style Solitaire scoring. In addition, two side bets have also been added to Casino Solitaire, which we will explain further on.

So, how do you play Casino Solitaire? The game is played with a deck of 52 cards. You start by choosing a bet on the home screen. That is also the best time to post your side bet. After hitting the start button, the dealer deals with seven columns of cards. These are your “tableau” stacks. All remaining cards go on the stockpile. As of this point, the player steps in by trying to get rid of as many cards as possible. Every cleared card yields money. We will explain to you how to play cards. But first, we will look at the bet.

Place Your bets

As you would expect from a casino game, the game only starts after the bet has been placed. At Casino Solitaire, there are eight large buttons on the home screen for choosing the bet. Each button shows a total stake for the game at the top, and a payout per card played away at the bottom. You might notice that you can keep count in different currencies. Although these different currencies are facilitated, Casino Solitaire bets’ amounts remain the same.

Casino Solitaire stakes

The top amount on the button is the total amount you bet. Selecting the button turns it bright yellow. You choose your bet by hitting the start button. Should you also want to add a side bet, do so before pressing ‘Start Solitaire.’

Bet =$ 1.04Payout per card =$ 0.10
Bet =$ 2.08Payout per card =$ 0.20
Bet =$ 3.12Payout per card =$ 0.30
Bet =$ 4.16Payout per card =$ 0.40
Bet =$ 5.20Payout per card =$ 0.50
Bet =$ 10.40Payout per card =$ 1.00
Bet =$ 20.80Payout per card =$ 2.00
Bet =$ 41.60Payout per card =$ 4.00

Place side bets

Adding a Casino Solitaire side bet is easy, with the plus (+) symbols visible next to the casino chips. There is an amount on the chip that determines the amount of the side bet. Both side bets of Casino Solitaire have three possible bets. If you prefer to remove the bet, you can remove one or more selections with the minus sign (-).

Side bet 1 – No Moves

The first side bet is to the left of the start button and is called SIDE BET 1 – NO MOVES. The three possible bets are 1, 2, or 3. When starting of Casino Solitaire, the cards will be displayed. In case there are no more possible moves – right from the start are no possible moves – you win. It is about not being able to move cards within the “Tableau” and the “Talon”. The player with “NO MOVES” and gets the bet x15.

  • Bet option 1 = 1 x 15 = 15,-
  • Bet option 2 = 2 x 15 = 30,-
  • Bet option 3 = 3 x 15 = 45,-

Side bet 2 – Red or Black

Side bet number two can be found to the right of “Start Solitaire,” titled SIDE BET 2 – RED OR BLACK. For the stake of this side bet, you can choose from 0.25, 0.50, and 1. As with the other side bet, the start of the game immediately determines whether a win is made. If all cards are of the same suit, you are a winner, and the bet is paid x200. It concerns eight cards, the seven on the tableau and the face-down card from the stockpile.

  • Bet option 1 = 0.25 x 200 = 50,-
  • Bet option 2 = 0.50 x 200 = 100,-
  • Bet option 3 = 1.00 x 200 = 200,-

In every new round of play, it is possible to place side bets. You will always have to do that yourself. If you forget to make the selection, there is no bet and, therefore, no possibility of winning. It is up to the player who bet and whether to play both or one of the two side bets.

Casino Solitaire game explanation

The bet has been chosen, and side bets have been selected. Then press the “START SOLITAIRE” button in the center of the screen to deal with the cards. The screen can be divided into three parts:

  • Above the playing field from left to right – stockpile, talon, foundations
  • The playing field itself – tableau
  • Below the playing field, you find the buttons – HINT, AUTOPLAY, UNDO, and END GAME.

Dealing the cards

As with Retro Solitaire, The game starts with a regular 52-card deck. So there are no jokers in the game. The shuffled cards are distributed over the tableau in seven columns. Each column from left to right always counts one more card. Only the last card dealt is face up. In total, there are 28 cards on the playing field.

The remaining 24 cards go to the top left of the tableau. Of these, 23 cards face down together to form the ‘stockpile.’ A number on this pile shows how many cards are currently in this pile. Card number 24 now faces up to the right of the stack on the so-called ‘talon’

The four empty fields at the top right of the ‘tableau’ are still empty after the cards have been dealt. These spots form the ‘foundations’ where cards are stacked in order throughout the game.

Moving the cards

The same rules apply to Casino Solitaire as to the original Klondike game. The goal is to “play away” as many cards as possible to the foundations at the top right. There are four foundations and a separate pile for each symbol. Each stack starts with an Ace, then a 2 with the same symbol is placed there. After the 2 comes the 3, and it continues until the king.

To do this, you need to move cards. This can be done in various ways, which are described below. To move a card within the game, use ‘click ‘n drag’ (or touch ‘n drag on mobile). Another option is to move with a double click; the map will automatically move to the optimal position.

To the foundation

This is allowed from the ‘talon’ and the ‘tableau.’ The first card must be an Ace. Then an ascending card. Only the same symbol may be used per stack.

It can also retrieve a card from the foundation towards the ‘tableau.’ The consequence at Casino Solitaire is that the card is no longer “played away,” and the payout is canceled.

Between columns

You may also move cards between columns, provided the cards on the ‘tableau’ follow each other in descending order and alternate between black and red. On a red light, you place a black seven, a red six, and so on.

It is allowed to move all or part of a column. This only concerns the cards of the column that are face up. Otherwise, the same conditions apply when discarding.

Note: You can fill an empty column if the first card is a king.

Spin new card

Turn over a card from the deck to the talon to let it join the game. This ‘new’ card can be moved to either the ‘foundation’ or the ‘tableau’. The counter of the pile shows how many cards are left.

Using Casino Solitaire Buttons

At the bottom of the playing field are four different buttons you can use while playing. Each function is different, and below, we explain these buttons as shown from left to right.

Casino Solitaire


A hint is there to help you when you don’t see any options to play. Of course, you can always choose to turn over a new card, but it is wise to check that you are not overlooking any moves. You may only go through the deck once to turn over all the cards. Pressing the hint button will briefly move the best card to play. A double click is sufficient if you do not immediately see where this card can go.


You can use the autoplay button to participate passively in the game. The game is now played for you according to the best possible strategy imaginable. This does not always result in the complete elimination of all cards but in the maximum achievable in that round.


With the undo button, you can take back the last move. Undo is not available for every move. Turning over a card on the ‘tableau’ cannot be taken back. You can undo turning a new card on the stack or move to the ‘foundation.’ You can see from the button itself whether it is active before the last move or not.


The end game button immediately puts an end to your current game. The cards played away at that time are paid out to you. Because the end game is a non-reversible choice, we recommend using autoplay first. This way, you can be sure that there are no more moves and you don’t miss a payout.

Casino Solitaire Odds and Payouts

For every card you move to the foundations, you win an amount in proportion to your initial bet. There are 52 cards in the game, meaning you can win 52x the payout per card.

StakePayout per cardNumber of cardsMax Payout
$ 1.04$ 0.1052$ 5.20
$ 2.08$ 0.2052$ 10.40
$ 3.12$ 0.3052$ 15.60
$ 4.16$ 0.4052$ 20.80
$ 5.20$ 0.5052$ 26.00
$ 10.40$ 1.0052$ 52.00
$ 20.80$ 2.0052$ 104.00
$ 41.60$ 4.0052$ 208.00

The Casino Solitaire odds are 1 in 21.52 for clearing all cards and 1 in 1.01 for clearing a single card. This brings the Return To Player (RTP) to 96.8

We have already explained the side bets concerning the deposit and payout. Here we also take a look at the odds of both. With ‘No Moves,’ there is a chance of 1 in 17 and an RTP of 86.7. In the case of ‘Red or Black,’ the payout is many times higher because the chance is smaller by 1 in 241. This side bet has an RTP of 83.2.