The Art of Gambling by Arthur Flowers and Anthony Curtis – 2000

  • Name Book: The Art of Gambling
  • Author: Arthur Flowers and Anthony Curtis
  • Year: 2000
  • Publisher: Huntington Press
  • Location: Las Vegas

The Art of Gambling by Arthur Flowers and Anthony Curtis, Huntington Press, Las Vegas 2000

The book The Art of Gambling is full of beautiful pictures of paintings with gambling in it. Every painting comes with information about the painter and the work. On page 174 there is a painting titled “Patience” which is painted by Georges Braque

Painting “Patience” painted by Georges Braque
“Patience” painted by Georges Braque

The writer adds the following description of the painting and the connection to Gambling (Solitaire)

“Patience is the name of the vast family of card games known in the United States as Solitaire. While, by definition, solitaire is a one-man game, various competitive two-player versions have been developed which can turn into intense and animated speed competitions when a wager hangs in the balance. Solitaire main claim to gambling fame however was its stint as a casino game. Played predominantly in illegal casinos, gamblers put up 50$ for the deck and played a version of solitaire called Canfield. winning back $5 for each card successfully making it to the suited stacks known as the “foundation” Las Vegas Casinos experimented with Canfield, but the game did not catch on”