12 Tips to win more with Vegas Solitaire!

Winning Animation Vegas Solitaire

Do you enjoy playing Vegas Solitaire and are thinking about trying it out in an online casino? In this article, we’ll share some strategies to help improve your game. You’ll learn more about how to play Vegas Solitaire and how to increase your winnings when playing with real money. Whether you’re a beginner or have been playing for a while, these tips will help you get better at this fun and challenging game.

Here are the 12 most important tips to master Vegas Solitaire:

  1. Start the game with “Peeking.”
  2. Play an Ace and its same suit Deuce to the Foundation when possible.
  3. Avoid building one suit much higher than the others.
  4. Expose face-down cards in the Tableau.
  5. Always play a face-up card if that exposes a new card.
  6. If you have a King to play, create space for it.
  7. Avoid moving the final card in a row unless necessary.
  8. Choose the most extended column when deciding between two columns.
  9. Avoid creating gaps if you don’t have any Kings.
  10. Prefer playing a card from the Tableau over the Waste Pile.
  11. Apply the Family Tree Strategy and Low Card Protection for advanced play​​.

Some of these terms might sound very technical, thats why we, on vegassolitaire.com, have a comprehensive strategy page where all above tips are explained with examples and illustrations. A must read for any serious casino player!

When you decide to play the official Vegas Solitaire online version we have 1 very important tip that you should always apply, its a must and will 100% guaranteed saves you money. And that tip is the following:

  1. Always use the HINT button after every move you do, so you will be sure you did not forgot any play on the tableau. The hint button gives you Hints according the optimal strategy so it will shows you the best possible move. Since the HINT button is free and usable in any round its the best possible help you can get during the game.

Did you know?

Clicking the auto-play button turns the game into a slot machine-like experience where the computer plays for you using the optimal solitaire strategy. Although this takes away the fun of playing yourself, it ensures a mistake-free game, thereby maximising your possible payout.

We hope this article will step up your skills and help you beat the Vegas Solitaire odds and winning more money!