Le Livre des Patiences by Madame de F***- 1842

  • Name Book: Le Livre des Patiences
  • Author: Madame de F***
  • Year: 1842
  • Location: Paris, France
1842 book opening page of Le Livre des Patiences - Madame de F***
Source: My Solitaire Bibliography

Le Livre des Patiences by Madame de F* (Marquise de Fortia), Paris, France 1842

The first edition of Le Livre des Patiences was published by Marquise de Fortia under the pseudonym Madame de F*. This book is one of the most important books regarding Patience / Solitaire. The book is so important that until today new editions are published.

“Le Livre des Patiences” has been taken as an example for many patience and solitaire books later translated into English and contributed to the worldwide popularity of this card game genre.

1842 book table of content of Le Livre des Patiences - Madame de F***

The original first edition consisted of a brief explanation of the glossary followed by 25 game descriptions of the following “Patiences”:

  • Le Tableau
  • La Loi Salique
  • Le Moulin
  • Les Quatorze
  • La Blocade
  • La Carte Voyageuse
  • Le Sultan
  • La Duchesse de Luynes
  • Le Cadran
  • La Bonaparte ou Patience de Sainte Helene
  • Les Onze
  • La Suissesse
  • La Republicaine
  • Les Grands-Peres
  • La Patience Patience
  • La Legitime
  • La Bella Lucie
  • Le Crapaud
  • La Poussette
  • La Quinzaine
  • Les PetitsPaquets
  • La Brune et la Blonde
  • Le Carre
  • L’Appel
  • Le Congres
1842 book table of content of Le Livre des Patiences - Madame de F*** (second page)

As said in many later English books, these games of patience are adopted, edited, renamed, revised, and reinvented.

Solitaire Fact!

In the Glossary of this book, the Waste Pile is referred to as the Talon. In many, later books author’s confused this and named the Stockpile the Talon, but since Le Livre des Patiences is the oldest and most authoritative, the Talon should only be used when referring to the Waste pile.

The book has not only been the basis of the popularity of patience (solitaire) but also provides insight into which solitaire games are among the oldest in the world. Both Klondike nor Canfield, which would later become the most played Solitaire variants, are mentioned in this book.

You can read the 1861 version of “Le Livre des Patiences” on Google Books. It’s the oldest version available on the internet.