The Biggest Trends Sweeping games in the Online Casino Industry

The entertainment industry is always quick to innovate. In order to keep people interested,
often a novelty element is the most effective thing. Within this industry, it’s online casinos
that really strive to keep things fresh. There are some trends that are so pervasive that even
the most casual casino player will have joined in with them – live dealer games we’re looking
at you! Then, there are trends that are maybe a little less sweeping, but no less innovative.

Live Dealer Games

So, casino players, listen up. Whether you’re a poker professional, a slots hobbyist, or
anything in between, we bet you’ll want to be in the know about these trends that have taken the iGaming industry by storm.

Aviator Games

It was only in 2019 that Scribe Gaming launched the original Aviator Game. The aim of the
game is simple, to guess what height the plane most closely will fly to. It’s a game that’s
easy to pick up, fun to play, and even has a relatively good RTP (all good attributes in our

As such, many online casinos have followed in the footsteps of Scribe Gaming and created
their own spin on the original Aviator game. ThunderPick casino has created Thunder Crash,
a proprietary game that sees you follow the launch of a rocket and bet on where you think it
will crash.

The mechanics of this game are just the same as the original Aviator, with your bet return
multiplying the higher the rocket flies. What makes it stand out is the retro-style graphics and cartoon text. It’s a neat take on what will likely be seen as a classic in years to come.

Full Version Demo Games

There’s little more frustrating than placing a bet on a game that’s brand new to you, only to
realize that the game doesn’t live up to your great expectations. We think it’s probably for
this reason that so many online casinos are now offering full versions of games. Not just a
game or two either, usually all of the games in their catalog. Sure, it’s not possible to win
money, but you can check out all of the different features without having to part with any

In fact, we’re such fans of this new trend that we’re jumping on the bandwagon with our
brand new demo game for Vegas Solitaire. You can play all of the different features and
explore everything new that there is about the game, but with no need to spend so much as
a dime. It’s a good way for us to show you just how confident we are that you’ll like what we
have to offer.

Wheel of Fortune Games

When it comes to getting new customers to sign up and retaining your loyal ones, there’s
nothing like a regular bonus to do just that. These kinds of games come in all different

variations, but for most, you’ll receive a free spin or two every day that you log in to your
account. With your spin, you stand to win all kinds of different prizes, ranging from more free
spins to bonus games on selected slots, or on some platforms cash.
The free game format is always going to be popular, and the Wheel of Fortune delivery is a
simple, but effective way to deliver it. For us, it’s a nice way to say thank you to your loyal

Live Dealer Casino Games

How could we write a piece on casino trends without mentioning live dealer games? It’s
crazy to think that developers were trying to make live dealer games happen all the way
back in the 1990s! But it’s true, they were. The technology just wasn’t advanced enough for
them to work at the time, but game developers kept plugging away and eventually, in the
early 2000s there was a breakthrough. Most people now had the internet that was capable of
dealing with such large volumes of data, all that was left was to work out how to film and
transmit to gaming fans at home.

Thankfully, casino gaming giant Evolution came to the rescue. They’re now the best live
dealer game developer around, famous across the world for their efforts. However, it wasn’t
until 2017 that they released their first successful live dealer title: Dream Catcher. Just a side
note, if you’ve not played this, then look out for it. Some casinos still have it in their catalog –
and it takes the form of that magic wheel so many of you enjoy!

Anyway, fast forward to today, and most casinos have an Evolution title or two in their
collection and we couldn’t be happier for it. The ability to interact with a professional croupier
from the comfort of your own home is a real luxury, one that brings us even closer to the
atmosphere of an actual Vegas casino.

So, which of these trends have you heard of? And which are you about to try out? We know
that we’re about to hop on the closest Aviator game we can find! There really is a whole new
world of casino gaming out there – packed with plenty of innovations that make this pastime
more exciting than ever. Whether you’re a fan of the free-to-play model, or the close to the
action live dealer titles, there really is a casino trend for everyone to jump on.