Vegas Solitaire Casino

Was Vegas Solitaire ever played in a real casino in Vegas is a frequently asked question. The answer is positive, and not only in Vegas. Solitaire was played in Casinos and gambling houses way before Vegas ever existed. We have found many records of gambling with Solitaire throughout history in casinos all over the world. However Solitaire never really took off in casinos, simply because the game is too expensive to run for the casino and a single game is taking too much time.

Solitaire back in the Casino

Although Solitaire in a casino like in the old days of Vegas or in Canfield’s Gambling House is not possible anymore, but due to the rise of the internet and online casinos, Solitaire in a casino is back on a revival.

Vegas Solitaire, created and licensed by, is now available in online casinos in many countries all over the world. The game is licensed and available in the best online casinos in the following regulated countries:

UKNetherlands (NL)Belgium (BE)
Romania (RO)Denmark (DK)Sweden (SE)
Spain (ES)Italy (IT)Malta (MT)

Is there any casino where you can play Solitaire in Las Vegas?

There are no Las Vegas casinos where you can play Solitaire for real money. In the old times, very rarely was solitaire offered by a Vegas Casino, mainly as a side game in the Bingo room. How Solitaire used to be played in casinos for real money was just not profitable for the casino. When played with real cards, the game simply takes too long and needs too much supervision. Additionally, the odds are just slightly in favour of the house, making it too expensive for a Las Vegas casino to offer.

Las Vegas

More about the History of playing Solitaire in a real Casino

Read our comprehensive research to the History of Solitaire from a Gamblings Perspective where we explored the role of Gambling with Solitaire throughout the years. Many interesting discoveries about Klondike, Canfield and Vegas Solitaire played in real casinos.