Vegas Solitaire Scoring

The Vegas Solitaire scoring system is a scoring system that is applied to the Solitaire version of Windows Solitaire Klondike. This is for points, and fun, versus real money bets. The origin of this scoring system harkens back to gold rush gambling houses in Dawson City, where the money version of Solitaire was invented.

What means Solitaire Vegas Score?

Solitaire with Vegas Score means that you play the game Solitaire Klondike for imaginary money. You “buy” a deck for 52 (coins, points, dollars, whatever), and for each and every card you manage to play to the Foundation, you will get back 5 (coins, points, dollars, whatever) from the house. See below the complete pay out structure based on all possible stakes of Vegas Solitaire:

Vegas Solitaire Payout Table

Solitaire Vegas Cumulative Score

Solitaire Vegas Cumulative Scoring means the sum of your scores on all hands (games) played. In other words. We give you a fixed amount of coins that you can play with. Winnings will be added to your balance and losses will be deducted so you can see at the end what your results are over multiple games.

Vegas Solitaire Scoring vs Klondike Solitaire

Besides the fact that you play Vegas Score for real money, there are other differences between normal Solitaire Klondike and Vegas Solitaire scoring.
The main rules that apply specifically to Solitaire Vegas Score are:

  • You have to buy in to play
  • 1 Card Draw (officially)
  • You can only go through the deck once
  • You are allowed to use one “Undo” per move unless you have exposed a new card from the Tableau.

Microsoft Klondike Solitaire Scoring

Microsoft created a unique scoring system for Klondike Solitaire.
Instead of buying a deck and getting paid for every card played to the foundations, you get rewarded with points that you can earn during the game. Standard scoring in Microsoft Windows Solitaire is determined as follows:

  • When you play a card from the Waste Pile to the Tableau + 5 Points
  • When you play a card from the Waste Pile to the Foundation + 10 Points
  • When you play a card from the Tableau to the Foundation + 10 Points
  • When you “expose” a new card at the bottom of the Tableau + 5 Points
  • When you “Worry back” a card from the Foundation to the Tableau – 15 Points

An additional scoring option is the “Time Game.” In addition to the Standard Scoring rules, the following rules apply:

  • For every 10 seconds of play, 2 points will be deducted
  • At the end of the game, you are rewarded with bonus points