Morning Assignment by Joe Aaron – 1966

  • Name Article: Morning Assignment
  • Author: Joe Aaron
  • Year: 25 January 1966
  • Published in: Evansville Courier and Press
  • Location: Evansville, Indiana, USA

Morning Assignment – Evansville Courier and Press by Joe Aaron – 1966

This is the first time ever that I have come across the word, Las Vegas Solitaire. The context is clearly connecting Las Vegas Solitaire to a game of chance, although the article itself is not about gambling.

“Parking meters seem to feel no need for a formal introduction before they start bleeding you dry. In my understanding, however, that the parking meter is not, strictly speaking, a vending machine. It’s a reckless game of chance, remarkably to Russian roulette and Las Vegas Solitaire.”

1966 Morning Assignment
Source: Evansville Courier and Press