Some Casinos offer a Solitaire version that uses Vegas Rules – 2011

Some casinos offer a Solitaire version that uses Vegas Rules

Some Casinos offer a Solitaire version that uses Vegas Rules by Mark Pilarski, Detroit Free Press, 27 January 2011 Questions and Answers A newspaper article that appeared in the Detroit Free Press on 27 January 2011. Mark Pilarski is answering a question from a reader: Question:“Microsoft Solitaire game has an optional setting called “Vegas rules” … Read more

Goodbye to Saratoga by John Lardner – 1938

1938 Goodbye to Saratoga

Goodbye to SaratogaQuiet Springs Turned Into Gambling Hell-or-Paradise by two men, by John Lardner “$50 for Solitaire Deck – Ironically, Canfield’s name is best known to the rank and file today for a game of Solitaire. You could always play that game in Canfield’s house. Although Solitaire was a by-product. As Banked by the old … Read more

Unbeatable Odds – Chattanooga Daily Times – 1934

Unbeatable Odds

Unbeatable Odds -Chattanooga Daily Times (Chattanooga, Tennessee) Friday 10 August 1934 An old newspaper article states that Canfield invented the Solitaire game played in his gambling house. I do not consider this source to be necessarily reliable as there are some inaccuracies in the article and it seems more likely that the author copied this … Read more

A Gambler’s gift to Art – 1933

1933 A Gamblers gift to Art George h Kennedy jr

A Gambler’s gift to Art – By George H. Kennedy Jr. in The Billings Gazette (Billings Montana), New York A huge newspaper article in The Billings Gazette from 1933 was about the friendship between Canfield and James McNeill Whistler, a very famous artist at the time. Here, George Kennedy Jr. refers to the Canfield Solitaire … Read more