Solitary Games – The Spectator – 1875

  • Name Article: Solitary Games
  • Author: Unknown
  • Year: 9 January 1875
  • Published in: The Spectator, Volume 48, Part 1
  • Location: London, United Kingdom
Solitary Games article published original in The Spectator, Volume 48, Part 1, London, United Kingdom
Source: Google Books

Solitary Games, The Spectator, Volume 48, Part 1, London, United Kingdom

In this article, the writer mainly responds to the article from W. Pole a year earlier “Games at Cards for One Player, published in the November edition of the Macmillan’s Magazine

The following interesting quote from this article shows that there were already many variants of Solitaire at the time and that the writer discredits the article written by W. Pole.

“The taste for some of these games, or their hundred variations, is universal, but to three men, say, in every four, they are distasteful.

Yet still, it must be widely diffused for books to have been written and sold upon the laws of such games. One was issued in English only this week, Mr. Pole says he has heard of 2 in French and he himself, in this months Macmillan poses as the “Cavendish” of Patience, describing varieties of that game, and making rules of his own, intended to bring them all within the limits of fair play.”