Videogames aren’t in the Cards by Dick Reynolds – 1982

1982 videogames aren't in the cards newspaper article

Videogames aren’t in the cards, Dick Reynolds, 1982Dick Reynolds on Solitaire in an article in the Palladium-Item published in Richmond, Indiana. Dick Reynolds played 100 games of Klondike Solitaire and is sharing the results with his readers. He plays Klondike and claims it’s played in Las Vegas. “Klondike” Solitaire relieves video game frustrations… The card … Read more

The Creative Cheater’s Guide to Solitaire – 1979

1979 The Creative Cheater’s Guide to Solitaire

The Creative Cheater’s Guide to Solitaire (Wherein Virtue is Not Its Own Reward) by Bernie De Koven, Games Magazine #14, Playboy Enterprises, November 1979 Complete game description of Las Vegas Solitaire with illustrations. Also, Bernie points out the difference between Klondike and Las Vegas Solitaire. “Now my self says to me, Look here buddy. This … Read more

My Favourite Patiences by W Dalton – 1909

1909 The strand magazine My Favourite Patiences

“My Favourite Patiences,” an article published in the Strand Magazine in 1909 by W. Dalton, describes a game he names “The Step Ladder Patience.” The game described is the game we know today as Klondike Solitaire, but without any mention of the gambling score and also using the three-card draw rule. About “the Step Ladder” … Read more

Solitary Games – The Spectator – 1875

1875 Solitary Games The Spectator Volume 48 Part 1 London

Solitary Games, The Spectator, Volume 48, Part 1, London, United Kingdom In this article, the writer mainly responds to the article from W. Pole a year earlier “Games at Cards for One Player, published in the November edition of the Macmillan’s Magazine“ The following interesting quote from this article shows that there were already many … Read more