Fundamentals of data structures by Ellis Horowitz – 1976

  • Name Book: Fundamentals of data structures
  • Author: Ellis Horowitz
  • Year: 1976
  • Publisher: Computer Science Press
  • Location: Woodland Hills, California, USA
Fundamentals of data structures by Ellis Horowitz - 1976 book cover

Fundamentals of Data Structures, published in the Computer Science Press 1976

Fundamentals of data structures, published in 1976 by Computer Science Press, is a computer programming lesson book to teach programmers how to program and structure data. Exercise 27, found on page 104, concerns programming a computer game. A solitaire game that is played for (fictional) money, Ellis Horowitz doesn’t name the game Vegas Solitaire. However, the rules are the same. She also mentions the fact that it is played in casinos.

Subsequent computer books will refer to this book when describing the rules of Las Vegas Solitaire.

“People have spent so much time playing Solitaire card games that the gambling casinos are now capitalizing on his human weakness.”

“When Solitaire played for money, the player pays the house $52 at the beginning and wins $5 for every card played to the output piles.”