A Martyr to Solitaire – The New York Times – 1883

  • Name Article: A Martyr to Solitaire
  • Author: Unknown
  • Year: 7 October 1874
  • Published in: The New York Times
  • Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

A Martyr to Solitaire, The New York Times, 7 October 1874: Dicks Games of patience or Solitaire With Cards. Contains 44 games, William B Dick New York – Dick & Fitzgerald

An article in the New York Times where the reporter reviews the book: Dicks Games of Patience. The unknown writer about Solitaire in relation to gambling:

Solitaire may seem to be used as only recreation, but as the best of things may be perverted, it has occasionally been employed as a method of gambling. The odds against the performance of such and such a game of solitaire are sometimes taken and in a club in London, where all-round games of cards, even whist, were prohibited save solitaire, a good deal of money is said to have been lost”

A Martyr to Solitaire - The New York Times - 1883 - full article screen
Source: TimesMachine – New York Times Archive