One of the Last – The Chattanooga News – 1914

  • Name Article: One of the Last
  • Author: Unknown
  • Year: 22 December 1914
  • Published in: The Chattanooga News
  • Location: Chattanooga Tennessee, USA

Newspaper Article about Canfield’s death

Although the article is about his sudden death, a large part of the article is also devoted to Canfield’s Solitaire.

The article gives a clear picture of the fame of the Solitaire game which is said to have been invented by Canfield or was named after him. For example, in 1914 it was no longer known as a casino game but was the most popular variant played only for imaginary money. Unfortunately, the rules of the game are not mentioned in the article.

“He left a game called Canfield, which is the game of solitaire most frequently played. It was originally a gambling game but has become the innocent method by which thousands of men and women fight loneliness. Perhaps ninety out of a hundred who play solitaire are really playing Canfield. There are other Solitaire games, but none are nearly so popular. Anyone who does not discountenance playing cards likes the Canfield Solitaire, and those who think cards harmful would admit that Canfield is the least harmful, and one of the most entertaining of games that can be played with cards. But once, thousands of dollars were won or lost in a night by the same solitaire game”