Pascal Solitaire by Alan and Vallerie Floeter – 1983

  • Name Article: Pascal Solitaire – This Pascal Program for the Apple allows the computer to play Las Vegas Solitaire
  • Author: by Alan D. Floeter and Vallerie A. Floeter
  • Year: 1983
  • Published in: The Book Of Atari Software, Micro Amherst
  • Location: Amherst, USA
Pascal Solitaire article

Pascal Solitaire – Alan D. Floeter and Vallerie A. Floeter, Micro – NO. 62 (Micro Ink,US) 1983

Las Vegas Solitaire became quite popular among computer programmers throughout the 1970s. Many computer publications wrote about Las Vegas Solitaire, most of which times in lectures to teach how to code the game with the Vegas scoring always as an important rule of the game. Although Alan and Valerie adapted and copied the rules as written by Ellis Horowitz in her Fundamentals of data structures, the game is here also correctly named Las Vegas Solitaire.

“In the book, Fundamentals of Data Structures, Ellis Horowitz and Sartaj SahnI explain the Las Vegas rules. Since they did such an excellent job, we will quote them here for those readers who are unfamiliar with the game.”

It’s very likely that Wes Cherry stumbled upon one of the tutorials in this era of computer books when he decided to build the Microsoft Solitaire version with Vegas Score.