Videogames aren’t in the Cards by Dick Reynolds – 1982

  • Name Article: Videogames aren’t in the cards
  • Author: Dick Reynolds
  • Year: 15 March 1982
  • Published in: Palladium-Item
  • Location: Richmond, Indiana, USA

Videogames aren’t in the cards, Dick Reynolds, 1982
Dick Reynolds on Solitaire in an article in the Palladium-Item published in Richmond, Indiana.

Dick Reynolds played 100 games of Klondike Solitaire and is sharing the results with his readers. He plays Klondike and claims it’s played in Las Vegas.

Klondike” Solitaire relieves video game frustrations… The card game is also played in Las Vegas.”

“The subject today, friends, is solitaire. I know there must be thousands of you who play the card game for a hundred different reasons. But the basic reason of course is that it’s a one-person test. Your competition is sol”

“This is the solitaire which Hoyle’s calls “Klondike” It is, I assume, one of the most widely known variations of the game. One regular deck of 52 cards is used. Twenty-eight cards are dealt in seven piles…”

“But were you aware they play this game in Las Vegas? I’m told they do. You can buy the deck for $50 and you get $5 for each ace and succeeding suit cards you’re able to put on top of the aces”