Patience Games by Cavendish – 1890

  • Name Book: Patience Games
  • Author: Cavendish (Thomas de la Rue)
  • Year: 1890
  • Publisher: Thomas de la Rue en co.
  • Location: London, United Kingdom
Patience Games by Cavendish - 1890 opening page book
Source: My Solitaire Bibliography

Patience Games with examples played through illustrated with numerous diagrams, by “Cavendish” Published by Thos de la Rue & Co – 1890

This book, “Patience Games with Played Examples Illustrated with Numerous Diagrams,” was written by Thomas de la Rue and published in 1890. Thomas de la Rue wrote this book under his pseudonym, Cavendish.

Thomas de la Rue, the owner of a printing company, published around 20 books, from 3, about Patience. He also was responsible for the bestseller “The laws and principles of Whist,” another popular card game at that time.

The book “Patience Games with Played Examples Illustrated with Numerous Diagrams” explains the various patience games in a highly complex way. Although it’s a beautiful book, the game descriptions and diagrams are hard to follow.

The Patience Games with Played Examples Illustrated with Numerous Diagrams contains the following 46 solitaire games subdivided into four categories:

Patiences Indefinite Problems

  • Patience
  • Shifting Patience
  • The Reserve
  • The one-pack Sultan
  • The Sultan
  • The Little Windmill
  • The Windmill
  • The Single Rail
  • The Double Rail
  • The Junction
  • The Spread Eagle
  • The Squadron
  • The Double Line
  • The Triple Line
  • Le Carre Napoleon
  • The Hat
  • The Frame
  • The British Blockade
  • The French Blockade
  • The Clock

Patiences Definite Problems

  • Little Picture Gallery
  • The Picture Gallery
  • The Fan
  • The Three Card Fan
  • The Double Fan
  • The Double Three Card Fan
  • The Fort
  • The Bouquet
  • The Watch
  • The Canister
  • Persian Patience
  • The Little Spider
  • The Spider
  • The Battalion

Trick and Puzzle Patiences

  • The Quadruple Alliance
  • The Complementary Card
  • The Two Complementary Cards
  • The Alternate Sequence
  • The Spelling Sequence
  • The Ohio Cut
  • The Piquet Point
  • Pips
  • The Mysterious Deal

Patience Squares

  • The Sixteen Square
  • The Thirty-Six Square
  • The Sixty-Four Square

There is no mention of any gambling versions. Also, neither Triangle, Demon, nor Fascination is mentioned, which indicates these games were still not around in 1890

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