Phantoms of past still haunt Spa – Fitchburg Sentinel – 1925

  • Name Article: Phantoms of past still haunt Spa
  • Author: Unknown
  • Year: 7 August 1925
  • Published in: Fitchburg Sentinel,
  • Location: Fitchburg, Massachusetts, USA

Phantoms of past still haunt Spa – Modern Saratoga recalls days when Canfield entertained millionaires at a garden spot

Historic newspaper article about the Canfield Casino published by Fitchburg Sentinel (Fitchburg, Massachusetts). It is suggested in this article that Solitaire would have been played at the Saratoga Club.

“It was here in the same old red casino that Canfield first started the game of “Canfield Solitaire” and it was here that he first conceived the idea of a gambling establishment that would permit of sky limit stakes and yet retain the dignity with which was wont to cloak itself.”