The Creative Cheater’s Guide to Solitaire – 1979

  • Name Article: Games Magazine #14
  • Author: Bernie de Koven
  • Year: 1979
  • Published in: Playboy Enterprises INC
  • Location: USA

The Creative Cheater’s Guide to Solitaire (Wherein Virtue is Not Its Own Reward) by Bernie De Koven, Games Magazine #14, Playboy Enterprises, November 1979

Complete game description of Las Vegas Solitaire with illustrations. Also, Bernie points out the difference between Klondike and Las Vegas Solitaire.

“Now my self says to me, Look here buddy. This game of Klondike looks exactly like a game I call Las Vegas Solitaire. The only discernible difference is that in Las Vegas, a player turns over every card from the hand, instead of every third card. Some people maintain that this in fact the correct way to play the game of Klondike.”