The Life and Works of Richard A. Canfield – 1930

  • Name Article: The Life and Works of Richard A. Canfield
  • Author: by a member of the post-dispatch Sunday magazine staff
  • Year: 25 May 1930
  • Published in: St Louis Post Dispatch
  • Location: St Louis Missouri, USA

The life and works of Richard A. Canfield – Familiar of Millionaires and Patron of the arts as well as a gamester

A large newspaper article devoted to Richard Canfield following the publication of Alexander Gardiner’s Book “Canfield: The True Story of the Greatest Gambler,” where Canfield Solitaire is discussed. Although Alexander Gardiner wrote only one line about it in his book, it did catch the writer’s attention:

“Is it true that Canfield was never played by the man for whom it was named, that it had no part in the spectacular and illegal operations by which the greatest of professional American gamblers capitalized one of mankind’s condemned passions to the tune of millions?”

Canfield was right about the following prediction:

“After his retirement, Canfield once expressed his view as to the gambling problem. There will come one day.. .that gambling will be licensed. The reason why I am convinced that it will be licensed eventually is that gambling cannot be stopped.”