Something for Nothing by Clyde Brion Davis – 1956

1956 Something for Nothing Gambling Book

Something for Nothing – The Lore and Lure of Gamblingby Clyde Brion Davis – 1956 (Philadelphia, New York) In his book “Something for Nothing – The Lore and Lure of Gambling,” writer Clyde Brion Davis describes gambling throughout the years in America. In his chapter, Minor Games, he writes about side games and refers to … Read more

Sucker’s Progress by Herbert Asbury – 1938

Suckers Progress book

Sucker’s Progress: an informal history of gambling in America from the colonies to Canfield By Herbert Asbury, (1938, New York / Dodd, Mead & Co.) Sucker’s Progress: an informal History of Gambling in America from the colonies to Canfield is a fantastic book full of stories and proper historical research. It can be no surprise … Read more

Gambling Exposed by Jonathan H Green – 1857

1857 Gambling Exposed A Full Exposition of all the various Arts Mysteries-and miseries of gambling

Gambling Exposed A full exposition of all the various Arts, Mysteries, and Miseries of Gambling by the “Reformed Gambler” Jonathan H. Green With illustrative Engravings. In this book, Jonathan H Green, “the reformed Gambler,” describes a complete exposure of the different and various ways of deception and cheating in all the numerous games played at … Read more