Goodbye to Saratoga by John Lardner – 1938

1938 Goodbye to Saratoga

Goodbye to SaratogaQuiet Springs Turned Into Gambling Hell-or-Paradise by two men, by John Lardner “$50 for Solitaire Deck – Ironically, Canfield’s name is best known to the rank and file today for a game of Solitaire. You could always play that game in Canfield’s house. Although Solitaire was a by-product. As Banked by the old … Read more

Unbeatable Odds – Chattanooga Daily Times – 1934

Unbeatable Odds

Unbeatable Odds -Chattanooga Daily Times (Chattanooga, Tennessee) Friday 10 August 1934 An old newspaper article states that Canfield invented the Solitaire game played in his gambling house. I do not consider this source to be necessarily reliable as there are some inaccuracies in the article and it seems more likely that the author copied this … Read more

A Gambler’s gift to Art – 1933

1933 A Gamblers gift to Art George h Kennedy jr

A Gambler’s gift to Art – By George H. Kennedy Jr. in The Billings Gazette (Billings Montana), New York A huge newspaper article in The Billings Gazette from 1933 was about the friendship between Canfield and James McNeill Whistler, a very famous artist at the time. Here, George Kennedy Jr. refers to the Canfield Solitaire … Read more

Phantoms of past still haunt Spa – Fitchburg Sentinel – 1925

Phantoms of past still haunt Spa

Phantoms of past still haunt Spa – Modern Saratoga recalls days when Canfield entertained millionaires at a garden spot Historic newspaper article about the Canfield Casino published by Fitchburg Sentinel (Fitchburg, Massachusetts). It is suggested in this article that Solitaire would have been played at the Saratoga Club. “It was here in the same old … Read more